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XRDP Howto

XRDP can be installed via the header

#include <lcfg/options/xrdp.h>

If you want XRDP logins to use the Mate desktop, you must define the variable LCFG_OPTIONS_XRDP_WM_MATE before including the header.

To set the key and cert used by the XRDP server, define the following with the path to the key and cert file, respectively (which you will have installed on the server via other means), otherwise a fake cert will be used (undesirable).


XRDP needs the remote-desktop port 3389 to be open to allow connections.

You may also need to add the following config to prevent PAM problems on login:

/* about: PAM tweak for XRDP (via mrichar1) 
 * Create a PAM entry that is always ignored 
!pam.authmods_systemauth  mPREPEND(noop)
!pam.modules              mADD(noop)
!pam.auth_ctrl_noop       mSET(optional)
!pam.path_noop            mSET(pam_lastlog.so)
!pam.auth_args_noop       mSET(silent)

If you need to start XRDP manually on the XRDP server:

systemctl start xrdp xrdp-sesman

RDP clients

  • Windows remote desktop (obviously)
  • rdesktop (somewhat out of date)
  • xfreedrp
  • vinagre

-- DMarshedacuk - 2018-12-19



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