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Ubuntu Package Lists

Listing required, important, standard packages

A fairly simple way to list all packages with a certain priority (e.g. required) is to use the aptitude tool:

aptitude search '?and( ~prequired, ~ramd64)' -F '%p %v'

The list is filtered to just contain packages for the native architecture (e.g. amd64). Note that you will probably need to install aptitude.

There is a quick guide for aptitude search terms. Also there are various options for controlling the output listings.


Ubuntu supports a number of tasks which control which packages will be installed for various configurations. The tasks can be listed like this:

tasksel --list-tasks

u kubuntu-live   Kubuntu live CD
u lubuntu-live   Lubuntu live CD
u ubuntu-budgie-live   Ubuntu Budgie live CD
u ubuntu-live   Ubuntu live CD
u ubuntu-mate-live   Ubuntu MATE Live CD
u ubuntustudio-dvd-live   Ubuntu Studio live DVD
u xubuntu-live   Xubuntu live CD
u cloud-image   Ubuntu Cloud Image (instance)
u dns-server   DNS server
u kubuntu-desktop   Kubuntu desktop
u kubuntu-full   Kubuntu full
u lamp-server   LAMP server
u lubuntu-desktop   Lubuntu Desktop
i mail-server   Mail server
u postgresql-server   PostgreSQL database
u print-server   Print server
u samba-server   Samba file server
u ubuntu-budgie-desktop   Ubuntu Budgie desktop
u ubuntu-desktop   Ubuntu desktop
u ubuntu-desktop-default-languages   Ubuntu desktop default languages
u ubuntu-desktop-minimal   Ubuntu minimal desktop
u ubuntu-desktop-minimal-default-languages   Ubuntu minimal desktop default languages
u ubuntu-mate-core   Ubuntu MATE minimal
u ubuntu-mate-desktop   Ubuntu MATE desktop
u ubuntustudio-audio   Audio recording and editing suite
u ubuntustudio-desktop   Ubuntu Studio desktop
u ubuntustudio-desktop-core   Ubuntu Studio minimal DE installation
u ubuntustudio-fonts   Large selection of font packages
u ubuntustudio-graphics   2D/3D creation and editing suite
u ubuntustudio-photography   Photograph touchup and editing suite
u ubuntustudio-publishing   Publishing applications
u ubuntustudio-video   Video creation and editing suite
u xubuntu-core   Xubuntu minimal installation
u xubuntu-desktop   Xubuntu desktop
i openssh-server   OpenSSH server
u server   Basic Ubuntu server

The list of packages for a task can be displayed like this (note the ^ - caret - associated with the task name):

apt-cache show openssh-server^ | grep "^Package"|sort

-- squinney - 2020-05-01

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