Alternate Desktop Project: Ubuntu component porting progress

This is a list of components which we expect to need on Ubuntu.


  • DONE It seems to function. It's configured and available for Ubuntu.
  • TODO We know it needs work, or it's currently getting attention.
  • Work in Progess! - We are currently working on it
  • Crossed out things No will never work on Ubuntu and will not be ported.

Category "core"

Component Type Ported Tested Notes
authorize perl DONE DONE  
client perl DONE DONE  
file perl DONE DONE  
inifile perl DONE DONE  
logserver perl TODO TODO This might not get ported.
ngeneric perl/shell DONE DONE  
om perl DONE DONE  
sysinfo perl DONE DONE  

Category "standard"

Component Type Ported TestedSorted ascending Owner Notes
accessconf perl DONE DONE MPU  
cron perl DONE DONE MPU  
etcservices file DONE DONE MPU  
hardware perl DONE DONE MPU  
kerberos shell DONE DONE Inf  
nsswitch perl DONE DONE MPU  
openssh perl DONE DONE Inf rewritten into Perl. wallet support now known to work.
pam perl DONE DONE MPU  
resolvconf perl DONE DONE MPU  
rsyslog shell DONE DONE Inf  
systemd perl DONE DONE MPU  
tcpwrappers perl DONE DONE MPU  
fstab shell No No MPU Needs to be replaced
network shell No No MPU Needs to be replaced, possibly with something that uses netplan?
ntp shell No No Inf systemd-timesyncd can do the basics for a desktop. Might otherwise need to replace with chrony?
alias perl DONE TODO Services  
apt perl Work in Progess! TODO MPU  
auditd perl DONE TODO MPU  
auth perl DONE TODO MPU Not yet managing the local passwd and group files.
grub2 perl TODO TODO MPU Not required for standard desktops. Currently doesn't work, mostly due to lack of correct templates. Not clear how much we need to configure for grub on Ubuntu other than default kernel command-line.
kernel perl DONE TODO MPU Not yet fully tested the kernel module building support
mailcap file DONE TODO MPU Needs support for running update-mime after config change.
polkit perl DONE TODO MPU  
postfix file TODO TODO RAT/Services? Currently manages config via file component, we probably need more than that.
runner perl DONE TODO MPU  

Category "desktop-additional"

Component Type Ported Tested Owner Notes
autofs perl DONE DONE IS  
autoreboot perl DONE TODO MPU  
chrome file DONE TODO RAT  
cyrussasl perl DONE TODO MPU  
dconf perl DONE TODO MPU  
dhclient virtual DONE DONE Inf  
dns shell TODO TODO Inf  
etcprofilevars file DONE DONE IS Physics need this
examlock shell TODO TODO RAT Might not be required
ffox perl DONE TODO IS  
iptables shell TODO TODO Inf  
k5login perl DONE DONE IS  
lightdm perl TODO TODO MPU Might need to use gdm instead.
limits shell DONE TODO RAT  
localhome perl DONE DONE MPU Informatics use this for exam prep desktops.
openafs perl TODO TODO Services  
openldap shell No No Inf On desktops only manages the /etc/openldap/ldap.conf file, will just use the file component instead.
pxeclient virtual DONE DONE MPU  
routing shell TODO TODO Inf  
sleep perl TODO TODO MPU  
sssd perl DONE DONE Inf  
sudo perl DONE DONE MPU  
webpic shell TODO TODO RAT  
wolclient virtual DONE TODO IS no longer required by IS WoL service
xfree shell TODO TODO MPU  

Category "additional"

None of the components in this list will be ported as part of the desktop platform work. If you need something from here let us know!

Component Ported Tested Notes
addrwatch TODO TODO  
alternatives TODO TODO  
apacheconf TODO TODO  
arpwatch TODO TODO  
bird TODO TODO  
bugzilla TODO TODO  
buzzsaw TODO TODO  
conserver TODO TODO  
consoles TODO TODO  
cosign TODO TODO  
cups TODO TODO IS maintained
dhcpd TODO TODO  
eventd TODO TODO  
example TODO TODO  
fail2ban TODO TODO  
flexlm TODO TODO  
friend TODO TODO  
gconf TODO TODO  
gridengine TODO TODO  
hadoop TODO TODO  
hwmon TODO TODO  
ipfilter TODO TODO  
jabberd TODO TODO  
jenkins TODO TODO  
jnotify TODO TODO  
mail TODO TODO  
mock TODO TODO  
mongodb TODO TODO  
multipath TODO TODO  
mysql TODO TODO  
opennebula TODO TODO  
openvpn TODO TODO  
pgluser TODO TODO  
ping TODO TODO  
pkgforge TODO TODO  
postfix TODO TODO  
postgresql TODO TODO  
procmailrc TODO TODO  
pxeserver TODO TODO  
remctld TODO TODO  
reprepro TODO TODO  
rkhunter TODO TODO  
rmirror TODO TODO  
rmirrorclient TODO TODO  
rsync TODO TODO  
samba TODO TODO  
saslauthd TODO TODO  
server TODO TODO  
snmp TODO TODO  
snmptrap TODO TODO  
snort TODO TODO  
subversion TODO TODO  
sysconfig TODO TODO  
tibsconf TODO TODO  
tomcat TODO TODO  
toohot TODO TODO  
uchiwa TODO TODO  
viewvc TODO TODO  
wolconf TODO TODO IS maintained - no longer required by IS WoL service
x509 TODO TODO  
xinetd TODO TODO  

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