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The server debugging options can be enabled for an individual host profile, by including: #pragma LCFG debug "flag,flag,..."

Debugging is only enabled from the point in the source at which the pragma appears. The available flags are described under the -D option in the man page for mkxprof. The output appears on the status page for the host.

There are also a few scripts available for dumping the status of the various cache files maintained by the LCFG server. These are shipped with the server RPM, and available in /usr/lib/lcfg/server/debug

  • dumpdeps - dump the source file/header dependency information. This shows what depends on what.
  • dumpmaps - dump the contents of the spanning maps.
  • dumppasswd - dump password information.
  • dumpstatus - dump status information.

-- PaulAnderson - 17 Oct 2005

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