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Burning issues

No = still an issue, DONE = issue resolved

No moving between runlevels (medium)
shifting between run levels is dodgy (eg can't telinit S properly)
No no console on tty1 (medium)
Login consoles on tty[23456], so not a huge issue, but not convenient for servers
No lcfg-init changing init.default does not instantly trigger a move to the new runlevel (low)

Yes / Done network interface renaming (HIGH)
SL6 has changed the way in which network interfaces are tied to eth{n} names. The lcfg-network component needs to be modified to support this change. Fixed as of lcfg-network-0.100.1
Yes / Done Bogus warnings from genhdfile (low)
When pkgsubmit is run it runs genhdfile once for each binary RPM package submitted. Each time genhdfile runs it produces a warning of this kind:
warning: Unknown system: (null)
warning: Please contact rpm-maint@lists.rpm.org

Until these messages can be eliminated, please ignore them. LCFG bug 224. Fixed as of lcfg-updaterpms-3.2.7

-- Main.ascobie - 2011-03-14

Topic revision: r7 - 2011-12-19 - ascobie
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