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Force a component method call

lcfg-ngeneric provides a facility for "prodding" a component and forcing it to call a method in a one-off fashion. There are times, for instance, where you really need to force a component to do an immediate configure, maybe because a package update has stomped all over your configuration file in a very unfriendly fashion. Here's an example of how to fix this:

!mailng.ng_prod            mSET(2007092801)
!mailng.ng_prodmethod  mSET(configure)

From the lcfg-ngeneric manual:

If the ng_prod resource changes, the client will call the method specified by ng_prodmethod instead of calling ng_reconfig. The value of the resource is specifically unused. This can be used to force one-off execution of a particular method. For example, by setting ng_prod to some new value (typically a timestamp) and ng_prodmethod to restart, the component will restart when the new profile is received.

See http://www.lcfg.org/pkgdoc/lcfg-ngeneric for full and up-to-date details on the available versions of the component.

-- StephenQuinney - 28 Sep 2007

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