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LCFG Package Updates

The packages which get installed onto a machine are listed in the profile.packages resource. This resource can contain specifications for particular packages and also references to filenames (package lists). A package list filename is preceded by the @ symbol, using sl5 as an example, the default list of packages is:

profile.packages     @lcfg_sl5_base.rpms \
                                @lcfg_sl5_kernel.rpms \
                                @lcfg_sl5_postship.rpms \
                                @lcfg_sl5_updates.rpms \

The updates in lcfg_sl5_updates.rpms are applied using the ? prefix which roughly translates as "if a package with this name has already been specified to be installed then override the version". If the package name has not been specified then the update will be ignored. This is designed to be applied to the packages in the base, kernel and postship lists but occassionally it is necessary to also apply the updates list to other package specifications. The trick here is to realise that the profile.packages resource is processed sequentially. Anything which appears before the updates list will be affected. To apply the updates to another package list you can do something like:

!profile.packages   mSUBST(@lcfg_sl5_updates.rpms, @my_package_list.rpms @lcfg_sl5_updates.rpms)

-- Main.squinney - 07 Nov 2008

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