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OM Changes

Some work was recently carried out to extract the environment initialisation code into separate modules. This was primarily done because Informatics use AFS and needed to use setpag() before invoking an LCFG component method. We didn't want to push this change onto all users of LCFG so we made it all modular.

Normally in a situation like this the schema version would be bumped and then all profiles modified to switch to it but this cannot be done as the om schema version is hardwired into pretty much every other component schema. This makes progress a little trickier and slower, here's the plan, one step per release/week.

  1. New lcfg-om and lcfg-om-defaults-s1 packages which provide new om_defaults-s1.def schema. Also new header lcfg/defaults/om.h
  2. lcfg/defaults.h is modified to include lcfg/defaults/om.h so all profiles have the om_defaults component
  3. New lcfg-om and lcfg-om-defaults-s1 packages with the new environment resource in om-1.def which refers to the om_defaults.environment resource.
  4. New lcfg-om where om.cin actually uses the new perl modules to initialise the environment

-- Main.squinney - 2009-06-08

Topic revision: r1 - 2009-06-08 - squinney
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