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LCFG Deployers' Monthly Meetings 2019

The meetings are typically held on the first Thursday of each month, starting at 2.15pm, the location is noted in the title for the month. Notes after the meetings are added in italic to the agenda items. See MonthlyMeetings2018 and MonthlyMeetings2017 for notes from earlier meetings.

7th November 2019 (7.14 Appleton Tower)

  • apteryx and package management
  • Advice/pitfalls for updating from SL 7.5 to 7.6 (finally)
  • Roadmap for SL 7.7?
  • Git support for LCFG Build Tools

3rd October 2019 (7.14 Appleton Tower)

  • Progress on Ubuntu support:
    • package management
  • Unfreezing ISFREEZE computers, any issues when unfreezing (esp SL 7.5)?
  • Annual review meeting - Friday 6th December

5th September 2019 (7.14 Appleton Tower)

  • Progress on Ubuntu support:
    • Standard packaging for components
    • Lots more components now packaged
    • Client now writes packages list as YAML (instead of old rpmcfg)
  • Profile nodename handling change - if no domain this now defaults to 'localdomain' rather than dieing which prevented rdxprof from starting
  • apacheconf bug#1137 - When a vhost or module is not active just issue a warning for missing files rather than an error.
  • LCFG master moved to new hardware
  • SL7.6 security updates backported from SL7.7
  • New INF kernel for SL7 (1062 series)
  • Likelihood of progress on updaterpms bug#1087 - run update only on safestart
  • ISFREEZE release now in place

1st August 2019 (9.01 Appleton Tower)

  • Progress on Ubuntu support.
  • ngeneric changes
    • ng_tmpldir
    • ng_service
    • ng_umask
  • SL7.6

4th July 2019 (E7 Argyle House)

  • AOB

6th June 2019 (7.14 Appleton Tower)

  • lcfg-client v3 to v4 transition problems
  • lcfg autobuilds fixed
  • SL7.6
  • LCFG-Compiler update - will try to clear out old htaccess files when no longer required
  • Package recipes for git (in particular python3.6 modules) - https://git.ecdf.ed.ac.uk/uoe-package-recipes/package-recipes
  • etcprofilevars component - promote to LCFG layer and remove from default MDP install
  • findrpm / rpmfind
  • python 3.6 / yummy / exclusion lists

2nd May 2019 (7.14 Appleton Tower)

4th April 2019 (7.14 Appleton Tower)

  • Alternative desktop platform project
  • pxeclient / pxeserver changes
  • systemd logging changes -
    • StandardOutput hardwired to journal+console for LCFG components
    • DefaultStandardOutput is set to journal and DefaultStandardError is set to inherit, in line with standard EL7 (currently both set to journal+console)
    • LogTarget changes to journal-or-kmsg (currently console)
  • Python 3.6 packages in epel
  • Dropping SL6 support
  • Meeting next month

7th March 2019 (7.14 Appleton Tower)

  • SL7.6
  • Component (un)locking issues
  • Changes to LCFG build tools
  • Component pod file names
  • IS Build Server (bug1105)
  • Unadulterated profiles now available on the IS Devolved LCFG service
  • GitLab for package-recipes

7th February 2019 (7.14 Appleton Tower)

  • lcfg.org web sites now all use Let's Encrypt certificates (via the x509 component)
  • httpd24-md is now available in SCL
  • Changes to LCFG client directory permissions - ProfileSecurity
  • Debian/Ubuntu support progress report - FuturePlatform
  • SL7.6
  • php 7.2 software collection now available
  • Profiles still using ISFREEZE release since Christmas
  • Autodocs service (https://lcfg.is.ed.ac.uk/doc), can it be re-enabled or replaced (https://lcfg.is.ed.ac.uk/cgi/deps.cgi is also useful) - part of infrastructure upgrade.
  • New IS sites mirror
  • Libvirt/bash_completion conflicts.

3rd January 2019

No Meeting

-- squinney - 2019-01-30

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