LCFG Deployers' Monthly Meetings 2017

The meetings are typically held on the first Thursday of each month, starting at 2.15pm in the Informatics Forum room 5.02 THIS IS NOT THE SAME ROOM AS 2016. Notes after the meetings are added in italic to the agenda items. See MonthlyMeetings2016 and MonthlyMeetings2015 for notes from earlier meetings.

2nd November 2017

5th October 2017

  • emacs - GTK 3.22 support is broken which results in icons not being displayed - recent discussion on Centos mailing list, rhbz#1495264
  • gpg in SL7.3 does not work due to incompatible version of libgcrypt since recent updates. Solution is to use the version from SL7.4 - redhat solution 2130631.
  • amdgpu - no support for latest X in SL7.3 (and SL7.4)
  • Annual Users meeting will be held on Friday 8th December in Argyle House
  • SL7.4 - work on LCFG-level support now in progress
  • Linux kernel ELF security bug redhat CVE-2017-1000253 - the LCFG layer ships a safe kernel
  • HP EliteDesk 800 G3
  • ceph
  • dsu
  • ISFREEZE thaw

7th September 2017

  • Huge set of security updates for SL7.3
  • End of security updates for SL7.2
  • Serial Over Lan - what technologies are people using (eg conserver etc)

3rd August 2017

  • Date for end of support for SL7.2
  • SL6 progress
  • Commercial software (Star-CCM+, ANSYS, Coventorware, ...) dying on SL7.3 - libLLVM-mesa rhbz#1417663 and other problems
  • RHEL 7.4 - release notes

6th July 2017

  • systemd leave processes running after unit stops - SystemdCookbook#Keep_processes_running_after_uni
  • New software collections for EL7 - devtoolset 6, git 2.9, ruby 2.4, php 7.0
  • ngeneric logrotate templates - _COMP resource name no longer support, replaced with LCFGCOMP
  • qxprof/sxprof to move from perl-LCFG-Utils to perl-LCFG-Client
  • v4 client - beta testing stage
  • ISFREEZE and special change control period

1st June 2017

4th May 2017

  • SL7.3
  • autofs (UniDesk: I170421-0071)
  • LCFG Core project update - see blog article
  • Profiles over HTTPS
  • Dependencies on SL7 profile server
  • Delivering secrets (wallet, Geosciences' "secrets", etc) perhaps in templated files

6th April 2017

  • tomcat component
  • systemd component
  • sl66_64, sl68_64 timelines
  • lcfg-rsnapshot
  • rsyslog imjournal bug
  • SelectPC
  • pyramid vs django

2nd March 2017

  • SL7.3 - Sl73Changes
  • HP EliteDesk 800 G2 - graphics and sleep support appear to work well with SL7.3
  • Change to AMD GPU Pro driver and software, anyone else using this?
  • nginx - new header
  • pidgin and GSSAPI on SL7 - might be that a rebuilt version of cyrus-sasl is required
  • journald - ensure it starts after local filesystems are mounted to ensure /var/log/journal is available
  • dsu - new version and iDRAC update warning
  • systemd - enable via symlinks instead of empty files

2nd February 2017

  • EPEL 7.3 forked
  • SL7.3 - Should be ready for use in the next stable release on Wednesday 8th February.
  • upgrade - websvn replaced with viewvc -
  • SL7 networkmanager:
    • offline/online issue - as mentioned on mailing list, can cause apps like evolution to go into offline mode. Fixed by tweaking GIO_USE_NETWORK_MONITOR environment variable. See rhbz#1302658.
    • /home cannot be deleted and thus cannot be converted from a directory to a symlink - Override for ProtectHome=false drop-in added, see message to centos mailing list for more information.
  • SL7 dracut issue - patched locally to fix "bad array subscript" bug, it appears that this has left one of our servers unbootable. For details see: rhbz#1405025
  • SL7 sssd problems with auth_provider=krb5 or enumerate? Now using version from fastbugs for SL7.3, see rhbz#1392444 and rhbz#1396912.

5th January 2017

  • SL7.3
  • SL7 server upgrades
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