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LCFG Deployers' Monthly Meetings 2016

The meetings are typically held on the first Thursday of each month, starting at 2.15pm in the Informatics Forum room 1.16. Notes after the meetings are added in italic to the agenda items. See MonthlyMeetings2015 and MonthlyMeetings2014 for notes from earlier meetings.

3rd November 2016

  • centos7 i686 and mock for building 32bit packages for SL7 - new ed/options/mock-sl6.h and ed/options/mock-el7.h headers
  • apache and php5.5 / php5.6 software collections on SL7
  • LCFG server and rsync
  • UniDesk - use Category Infrastructure -> Subcategory See Linked Object -> Object ID LCFG

6th October 2016

  • The /vars directory that appeared at the same time as lcfg-sysconfig (actually caused by out-of-date lcfg-yum schema)
  • RHEL Extras - lcfg/options/rhel-extras.h
  • LCFG server changes for SL7
  • Building LVMs - systemd to the rescue? - Interesting article
  • Annual Users Meeting - Afternoon of Thursday 1st December - 1.07 George Square Library
  • MIME handler for status page buttons? Where did the handler go?
  • mock/buildtools - lcfg-reltool devrpm --no-deps --sourceonly to build the source package and ignore any build-dependencies in the specfile

1st September 2016

4th August 2016

  • Network Legacy Naming- MDP layer
  • LCFG client refactor, progress update.
  • xinetd on SL7
  • Solid state disks, fstrim for crypttab volumes?
  • pam_access.so on SL7?
  • SL6 status, SL6.8 minor upgrade
  • New internal mail relays - firewalls and testing
  • ISFREEZE "release"
  • pam_sss in installbase
  • updaterpms running as group lcfg
  • Updating the firmware on Dell PowerEdge servers running Linux
  • SL 7.1 end of life

7th July 2016

CANCELLED due to holidays.

2nd June 2016

  • SL7 software collections
  • New component try_restart method.
  • LVM component changes.
  • LCFG client refactor, progress update.
  • New sysconfig component.
  • Lenovo ThinkStation P310 "SelectWorkstation" candidate.

5th May 2016

  • End of support for SL7.1
  • apacheconf and apache 2.2 on SL6
  • HP EliteDesk 800 G2
  • lcfg-samba 1.1.14
  • Select WorkStation
  • IS x509 sixkts server

7th April 2016

  • SL7.2

3rd March 2016

  • HP EliteDesk 800 G2
  • SL7 network interface naming
  • apacheconf - experiences with the new version
  • SL7 IS Servers
  • LCFG server update - newline replacements and new mIFNULL mutator.
  • SL7.2
  • LVM and multipath on SL7
  • Remove dmraid from SL7 default systemd configuration (with option header to add back in)
  • "Frozen" releases
  • Let's Encrypt

4th February 2016

  • SL7.2 update - Sl72Changes
  • SL7 network interface naming
  • Public access to testing release (Informatics also now have a previous release)
  • mDEFAULT macro
  • HP EliteDesk 800 G2
  • MATE desktop packages
  • apacheconf - still hoping to get the new component working soon
  • NFS problems

-- Main.squinney - 2016-01-28

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