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LCFG Deployers' Monthly Meetings 2015

The meetings are typically held on the first Thursday of each month, starting at 2.15pm in the Informatics Forum room 1.15. Notes after the meetings are added in italic to the agenda items. See MonthlyMeetings2014 and MonthlyMeetings2013 for notes from earlier meetings.

3rd December 2015

5th November 2015

  • SL7
    • iptables and IPv6
    • hwmon and RAID
    • FC and multipath
  • End of SL6.5 support
  • Encrypted /tmp and swap - fstab and hackparts changes coming soon
  • OS X 10.11 "El Capitan"
  • V4 client - stricter about correctness of lcfg resources

1st October 2015

  • Moving sssd and inifile components into the lcfg headers
  • SL7:
    • Networking - bonding, bridging, etc
    • lightdm and desktop selection
    • NX
  • Encrypted /tmp and swap
  • V4 client update
  • Annual Users Meeting - 3rd December

3rd September 2015

  • SL7 in MDP layer
  • Removing some RPMs from the desktop lists
  • Alternative release management strategy?
    • Different schedule for TUV security updates?
    • How to handle Change Freezes?
  • V4 client update
  • LCFG server - changes to XML profiles
  • SL65 to SL66 migration progress - date for stopping support for SL65.

6th August 2015

  • SL7

2nd July 2015

  • edinstallbase profiles (raised by ascobie)
  • New "sites" packages server + changes for SL6
  • SL7.1
  • SL6 default release is now 6.6
  • Access to "os" tree of Informatics RPMs
  • Holiday dates

4th June 2015

  • Favourite cpp convenience macros into the LCFG layer? A lcfg/options/macros.h file?
  • End of life date for SL 6.5.
  • New approach to embedding newlines in sources.
  • Disk wipe option in GRUB/PXE in LCFG layer?
  • Scientific Linux 7.1
  • Automat.Ed group
  • Fedora Maintainership

7th May 2015

  • SL6.6 minor update:
    • Sl66Changes
    • Install CD images already using SL6.6
    • All LCFG headers and package lists ready for testing in the stable release on Wednesday 13th May
    • Roll out to Informatics desktops on 10th June
    • When to make it the default for the LCFG level? (Users can always pin back to SL6.5 locally)
  • SL7
    • LCFG port project now finished - see final report for details.
  • UID/GID clashes
    • uchiwa v polkit is a particular issue
    • How to fix?
  • Leap Second - RH article
  • IS LCFG master server apache reconfiguration - Wednesday 13 May 2015
  • Could/should we be using 6.x or 6rolling
    • And 7.x 7rolling ?

2nd April 2015

  • SL7 progress
    • TaskRunner - How to run daily tasks
    • rsyslog and journald - see the EL7 blog
    • New /tmp partition to be standard or optional?
  • v4 client project restarting
  • fstab component support for encrypted partitions, need to avoid having the entries appear in /etc/fstab - bug#862
  • File component - we have never written down a list of desirable improvements and new features. We do have Faye's talk on the xattr component from the Users Day in 2011 as a starting point though. Stephen has created a page - FileComponentIdeas.

5th March 2015

  • WARNING: skb_warn_bad_offload - problem with kit with e1000e interfaces
  • SL7 progress
    • ngeneric Service improvements - single implementation in LCFG::Utils::Service module, lcfg-service script, see the EL7 project blog
    • openafs to openafs_client transition on EL7 - see the EL7 project blog
    • New baseinstall component - see the EL7 project blog
    • systemd internet-online.target
    • Changes to default partition layout for EL7?

5th February 2015

  • SL7 progress
  • LCFG::Component environment initialisation system - EnvInit
  • SysInfo improvements - lcfg-sysinfo script and "features"

8th January 2015

Happy New Year! No meeting this month.

-- Main.squinney - 2015-01-05

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