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LCFG Deployers' Monthly Meetings 2021

The meetings are typically held on the first Thursday of each month, starting at 3pm, the location is noted in the title for the month. Notes after the meetings are added in italic to the agenda items. See MonthlyMeetings2020 and MonthlyMeetings2019 for notes from earlier meetings.

For full details of the changes in the weekly releases see the LCFG blog

4th March 2021 (Microsoft Teams)

  • Ubuntu:
    • network component, now supports VLANs
    • Default Python version - should python-is-python3 be installed by default in base?
    • CUPS config - Supplied by Barry, see bug#1266
    • squid caching for packages - rpmaccel component is learning how to handle Debian packages
    • systemd component is gaining support for configuring user services
  • rpcbind and rdxprof problem on SL7 bug#1265
  • Systemd and unmanaged unit files - support coming to SL7 soon
  • Introduction to LCFG sessions
  • MDP apacheconf modernisation

4th February 2021 (Microsoft Teams)

  • Ubuntu:
    • grub2 component now supported
    • policy kit rules now being applied
    • modprobe local.conf file conflicting with hardware component
    • systemd - new ignoredunits resource bug#1261
    • x509 component enhancements
    • network component enhancements - NetworkComponent
  • PHP 7.4 on SL7 bug#1264
  • rpcbind and rdxprof problem on SL7 bug#1265
  • [mhagdorn] I intend to investigate prometheus monitoring which will require a component
  • Overview of how we use dice headers in Informatics.
  • eucs-sslcerts and certificate authority bundles (chains)
  • [mhagdorn] IPv6 on ubuntu

-- squinney - 2021-02-01

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