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The localhome component

The localhome component may be used to create local home directories on a system for a list of users. It supports specifying users via netgroups. It generates map files which may be used with the autofs automounter.


The localhome and autofs components can be used together to manage the local home directories for users. The benefit of this is that it allows a local scheme to be managed in a familiar way in an environment where home directories are usually network mounted. Here's an example:

localhome.redirect   /autofs/nethome

localhome.physical     /disk/home/<%profile.node%>

localhome.users          @sysmans @techs

!localhome.mapfile   mSET(/etc/auto.localhome)

/* Configure autofs to use localhome map */

!autofs.entries         mADD(localhome)
autofs.mountpoint_localhome   /autofs/localhome
autofs.maptype_localhome   <%localhome.mapfile%>


Users may be specified via netgroups by adding them to the localhome.users resource with an @ (at sign) prefix. For example:

!localhome.users          mADD(@sysmans)

They are looked up using the netgroup application.

Note that a change to the membership of a netgroup does not have an immediate effect. To deal with this issue, the component is scheduled to run each night to ensure any new members of the netgroup have their home directories created in a reasonably timely manner. To manually create the required new directories just run the configure method.

Removal of Directories

The component does NOT remove directories for users which are no longer required. This is to avoid the potential for data loss if a mistake is made in the resource definition.

-- squinney - 2021-10-11

Topic revision: r1 - 2021-10-11 - squinney
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