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Traditionally, when a node profile has compilation errors, all contributions from that node are deleted from all spanning maps. This can be a problem; for example, creating an error in the profile for a web server will not stop the web server operating - the web server will not reconfigure until the profile error is corrected and recompiled. However, if the web server profile contributes to a spanning map - for example, to create the firewall hole necessary to access the web server - then the hole will be closed as soon as the profile error is created. The server option keepmaps can be set to change this behaviour so that spanning map entries are preserved when a client profile has errors.

It should be noted that the server simply continues to export the spanning map contribution from the last sucessful compilation of the node. If the server caches are reset, then these contributions will no longer exist. In particular, if multiple servers are being used, it is possible that they will export different values for the same node entry in the spanning map.

If spanning map subscribers need to distinguish between entries which are current, and entries which have ben preserved, then can subscribe to the ErrorMap .

(available in lcfg-server 2.2.40)

Topic revision: r1 - 2008-02-07 - squinney
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