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FreeNX is an accelerated Remote X Server to allow real-time graphical sessions across slow network connections, suspending and resuming of sessions, and the creation of pools of servers.

Component Documentation

Documentation is available in the lcfg-freenx man page.

A full list of possible nx configuration options is available in /etc/nxserver/node.conf.sample

Example Usage

A simple FreeNX server can be set up using the following header:


#include <lcfg/options/freenx.h>

/* nxclient to access the nx server */
!profile.packages   mEXTRA(nxclient-3.2.0-9)

In SEE we run a master server, with a pool of slaves. All users connect to the master, where their connections are farmed out to the rest of the pool. The master is defined by adding the SEE_NX_MASTER and SEE_NX_SLAVES variables to its profile



#include <lcfg/options/freenx.h>

!freenx.freenxopts      mADD(session_user_limit command_start_kde command_start_gnome command_start_cde command_xterm)

/* Limit all users to only 1 session at once */
!freenx.opt_session_user_limit          mSET(1)

/* Force all sessions to use icewm as the Window Manager */
!freenx.opt_command_start_kde           mSET(icewm-session)
!freenx.opt_command_start_gnome         mSET(icewm-session)     
!freenx.opt_command_start_cde           mSET(icewm-session)
!freenx.opt_command_xterm               mSET(icewm-session)

#if defined SEE_NX_MASTER

!freenx.freenxopts      mADD(load_balance_algorithm load_balance_servers)
!freenx.opt_load_balance_algorithm      mSET(random)
!freenx.opt_load_balance_servers        mSET(SEE_NX_SLAVES)



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