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FlexLM component

Getting Started

The component is included using:

#include <lcfg/options/flexlm.h>

Using the component

The main FlexLM licence manager software can be installed on a licence server host using:

!profile.packages mADD(flexlm-11.9-0.inf)

The software that you are installing that uses FlexLM for its licence management will also include its own vendor daemon program (and your licence file for the software), which FlexLM needs to invoke. These need to be packaged up and installed separately.

When you are packaging the vendor daemon and licence, you must remove the SERVER and VENDOR lines from the licence file. The flexlm component will put these back into the generated licence file that it actually uses, using the component resource values:

  • name (hostname) (or name_TAG for a specific vendor licence, if the licence uses a different hostname for the server)
  • id (MAC address) (or id_TAG, similarly)
  • daemon (the full path to the vendor daemon)

Most Schools using this component have a macro to set these and the other required values for each vendor licence that the server will serve.

-- DMarshedacuk - 2021-08-19



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