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Ideas on how to improve the file component

Proposals for new features:

Proposal Proposer(s) Comments
ACLs (e.g. Linux)    
Filesystem specific (e.g. btrfs, ext4)    
Parent directory permissions   1, 2
Remove files   3
Manage attributes only, not contents    
Recursive behaviour    
Globs/Regex Matches    
Ability to apply patches gdutton  
Registry of managed files and removal of files no longer managed   (see 3)
Process files from top (/) downwards, this ensures necessary directories can be created before we attempt to create files kenny  
Remove files from bottom (leaves) upwards, this ensures directories will be empty before we attempt to remove them (only empty dirs can be removed).    
Other components can inherit from the file component.    
Ability to perform "dry run" to find which files will change kenny  
File registry holds hash of files so can find files that have been altered outside of LCFG kenny  
Insert content from other files shane E.g. passwords
Insert output from a command shane E.g. generate random password
Prevent accidental relative path handling gdutton  


  1. I see "Parent directory permissions" as redundant at best (given "Manage attributes only, not contents") and potentially confusing as it would become less clear at a glance (from file.file_$) which paths are being managed --gdutton
  2. Also, if the paths are configured in filesystem order we could guarantee to create directories and set the permissions before creating the child files/directories
  3. We can already remove files. Does this refer to removing files once they are no longer managed? If so, it's already covered! --gdutton

-- Main.squinney - 2015-04-03

Topic revision: r8 - 2016-09-21 - gdutton
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