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SL7 Project: EL7 component porting progress

For each local package in lcfg_sl6_lcfg we list the current EL7 status - ported, needs work, not yet tackled, etc. Key:

  • Yes / Done It seems to function. It's configured and available for EL7.
  • TODO We know it needs work, or it's currently getting attention.
  • Things in italics weren't in SL6 but are needed for EL7.
  • Crossed out things No will never work on EL7 and will not be ported.

Category "core"

Component Status systemd
lcfg-systemd TODO   Work in progress.
lcfg-authorize Yes / Done    
lcfg-client Yes / Done   v3
perl-LCFG-Client Yes / Done n/a  
lcfg-file Yes / Done   blog: file component
lcfg-logserver Yes / Done    
lcfg-ngeneric Yes / Done n/a  
lcfg-om Yes / Done n/a blog: om access for non-root users
lcfg-sysinfo Yes / Done n/a  
lcfg-utils, lcfg-utils-devel Yes / Done n/a  
lcfg-pkgtools, lcfg-pkgtools-devel Yes / Done n/a  
perl-LCFG-PkgTools Yes / Done n/a  
perl-LCFG-PkgUtils Yes / Done n/a  
perl-LCFG-Utils Yes / Done n/a  

Category "core-prereq"

Component Status Notes
perl-W3C-SAX-XmlParser Yes / Done This will be obsoleted by the v4 LCFG client.
perl-W3C-Util-Basekit Yes / Done This will be obsoleted by the v4 LCFG client.

Category "standard"

Component Status systemd
lcfg-accessconf Yes / Done   New component with improved handling of access.conf
lcfg-alias Yes / Done   Services unit, auto-build, seems to work
lcfg-auth Yes / Done    
lcfg-boot No   Uses init. Not compatible with systemd.
lcfg-cron Yes / Done   The component is unable to control crond (Bug 703). Also cronie goes from 1.4.4 to 1.4.11, three years of development. We'll need to see what's changed.
lcfg-etcservices Yes / Done    
lcfg-fstab Yes / Done   Now with added XFS support. Informatics plans to default to ext4.
lcfg-grub No   Will be replaced by lcfg-grub2 to cope with this release's major grub update.
lcfg-grub2 Yes / Done   blog: grub2
lcfg-hardware Yes / Done   Rewritten into perl, some ancient functionality dropped
lcfg-init No   /etc/inittab is not used in the systemd world.
lcfg-kernel Yes / Done   Setting kernel/initrd links works, not sure about building kernel modules yet. How will we handle boot-time module rebuilds and reboots?
lcfg-lcfginit TODO    
lcfg-mailcap Yes / Done   RAT unit, auto-build, extension of file component, seems to work
lcfg-network TODO    
lcfg-nsswitch Yes / Done   Rewritten into Perl, no change to features
lcfg-nsu Yes / Done    
lcfg-ntp Yes / Done   Inf unit, creates config files, not clear if the daemon management is compatible with systemd
lcfg-openssh Yes / Done   Inf unit, creates config files just fine, management of daemon needs reworking for systemd world
lcfg-pam Yes / Done    
lcfg-resolvconf Yes / Done    
lcfg-rsyslog Yes / Done    
lcfg-tcpwrappers Yes / Done   Rewritten into Perl, no change in features
lcfg-updaterpms Yes / Done   Need to consider how to trigger reboots
lcfg-mail Yes / Done   Services unit

Category "standard-prereq"

Component Status Notes
lcfg-upstarthooks No EL7 doesn't use upstart
lcfg-defetc-el7 Yes / Done  
lcfg-hackparts TODO  
updaterpms Yes / Done  
perl-RPM2 Yes / Done Standard part of Fedora
netgroup   It builds and installs.
perl-String-CRC-Cksum Yes / Done  


Component Status systemd
lcfg-openafs Yes / Done    
lcfg-cyrussasl Yes / Done    
pkgsubmit Yes / Done n/a  
installroot and installbase lists TODO n/a  
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