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Documentation for LCFG Users

These tips and howtos relate to using LCFG to control aspects of a machine's configuration.

Individual components

A full list of components can be found at: https://svn.lcfg.org/viewvc/source/trunk/

Component manual pages are named lcfg-component, eg: man lcfg-file

As the manual page for each component is part of the component, you first have to install the component in order to be able to read its manual page.

If a component cannot be installed to read its manual (for example, if the computer needs further configuration before the component can actually be installed successfully), the manual page can be found in: https://svn.lcfg.org/viewvc/source/trunk/lcfg*COMPONENT*/*COMPONENT*.pod.cin (where COMPONENT is the component name (without the lcfg- part)

You can also check out a local copy of the svn.lcfg.org repository.

If you need to install a component's rpm manually, you can find where in the repo it is and then install it as follows. However, this may not work if the rpm has further dependencies.

# -u outputs the download URL, not just the filename
# lcfg-component should be replaced by the name, eg: lcfg-file
whererpms -u lcfg-component

# -Uvh = upgrade, verbose, show progress hash marks
# URL is the URL as found above
rpm -Uvh URL


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