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LCFG Client V3 Update

During 2012-2013 we put a lot of effort into improving the LCFG client code base. After extensive testing it has now been deployed to all users. Below are details of the main changes:


The main changes in the V3 update are:

Refactored code
There has been a big cleanup to improve reliability and maintainability. For example, the code now has the warnings and strict pragmas enabled throughout.
Generic profiles
Support has been added for the new "generic" profiles. This means that a client can use a profile with a name which does not match the current hostname. This is useful for roaming clients and it also means that multiple clients may use the same profile (note that this makes spanning maps useless). Further changes are necessary to other LCFG client libraries so this is not yet fully available. Developers should read LoadingResources for details.
Improved configuration handling
New configuration file support and improved command line options
Removal of hard wired file paths
rdxprof can now be run as a normal user - bug#42. Some tools, such as qxprof, still need to be updated to make full use of this new feature.
Reworked network handling
The client no longer hangs when the networking cannot be successfully initialised - bug#50, bug#146
Regular lookup of server addresses
The client can now handle DNS changes for servers - bug#27, bug#40
There is a completely new test suite so that it is safer to make changes and test deployments to new platforms.
The full API has now been documented to make it easier to develop new code.

For full details of the original project plan see the Informatics devproj site.

For an in depth discussion of the changes as they happened see the project blog.

The complete changelog can be viewed through the LCFG websvn.

-- Main.squinney - 2014-02-27

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