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Handling Build Dependencies

The LCFG components typically use CMake to handle the build process. This means there is a build-time dependency on CMake. Currently we require a version of 2.6.0 or newer.

We also expect that the build environment will contain bash and perl (the minimum version is 5.10.1 which is available on SL6).

We also use podselect and pod2man to generate documentation from the component pod file.

In an RPM spec file you can specify the build dependencies like this:

BuildRequires:       bash, perl >= 5.10.1
BuildRequires:       /usr/bin/pod2man, /usr/bin/podselect
BuildRequires:       cmake >= 2.6.0

Alternatively, for simplicity, you can depend on a single virtual lcfg-build-deps package. This will guarantee that you always have the correct set of dependencies installed. With this way you just need a single BuildRequires in your specfile:

BuildRequires:      lcfg-build-deps

Perl Packages

If your package provides Perl modules then you will need to specify the modules which are required to do the build and testing. Typically this will be:

BuildRequires:    perl(Module::Build), perl(Test::More)

On SL6 these were installed by default, on EL7 and beyond they MUST be specified.

-- Main.squinney - 2014-05-26

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