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Package release details for current stable version under FC5, FC6 and SL5.

Package Changelog

Component documentation

Component man page for current stable version under FC5, FC6 and SL5

Example Usage

/* Options header for automatically rebooting the machine */


#include <lcfg/options/autoreboot.h>

/* Only watch for reboot requests from updaterpms */

!autoreboot.components       mADD(updaterpms)

/* Do we want the component to actually force a reboot rather than
   just nag? */

!autoreboot.enforcing        mSET(yes)

/* When should we initiate the shutdown sequence, any string that the
   'at' command recognises is fine here. */

!autoreboot.shutdown_time    mSET(02:AUTOMINS)

!autoreboot.shutdown_delay   mSET(60) /* minutes */
/* The warning 'nag' message to send to users logged in, this is
   templated with Perl Template Toolkit and you can access the value
   of any resource in the component. */

!autoreboot.message          mSETQ(" *** This machine requires a reboot as important updates are available. ***\\n\\n[% IF enforcing.VALUE %][% IF leeway.VALUE - count.VALUE > 0 %]This machine will be automatically rebooted in [% leeway.VALUE - count.VALUE %] days time. To avoid\\ninconvenience you may wish to reboot it yourself before then at a time\\nwhich is more suitable.[% ELSE %]This machine will commence automatic reboot at [% shutdown_time.VALUE %].[% END %]\\n[% END %]\\n")

/* Force gdm to pop up a dialogue box when there's a nag message */

!gdm.infomsgfile             mSET(<%autoreboot.nagfile%>)

!cron.additions              mADD(autoreboot)
!cron.add_autoreboot         mSET(AUTO 11 * * * /usr/bin/om autoreboot run 2>&1 | egrep -v '^\[OK\]')
!cron.owner_autoreboot       mSET(root)


/* End of file */

-- Main.squinney - 03 Apr 2008

Topic revision: r1 - 2008-04-03 - squinney
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