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  • You can specify a full package version if you want, e.g. foo-1.2.3-1.el6
  • You can specify a package as foo/i686 for an architecture -specific version.
  • lcfg-yummy understands the LCFG updaterpms flags, such as :br
  • lcfg-yummy understands the LCFG updaterpms flags, such as :br, but you must also give it an architecture until bug 893 is fixed.
  • If there are packages from different repos available only the package from the repo with highest priority is considered and the others are dropped. This might lead to a problem when you request a rpm with a specific version which is only available from one of the lower priority repos. To solve this you will need to push the rpms into a top priotity repo.
  • You can create 'meta-packages' by using #define statements to include other blocks wrapped with an #ifdef. For example, you could combine blocks for OFFICE, MULTIMEDIA and BROWSERS into a meta-package called DESKTOP.
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