Difference: LcfgLibvirt (4 vs. 5)

Revision 52009-12-22 - pkritika

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 * Package list
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 file.tmpl_br0 mSET(DEVICE=br0\nTYPE=Bridge\nBOOTPROTO=dhcp\nONBOOT=yes)
- 22/12/09

A patch for lcfg-network was created to support the creation of bridge interfaces. The following should do the trick once a new release of the lcfg-network component will be availalbe:

!network.interfaces     mADD(eth0 br0)
!network.hwaddr_eth0    mSET(XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX)
!network.bridge_eth0    br0
!network.ipaddr_br0     DHCP
!network.type_br0       Bridge
 * KVM guest example
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