Difference: LcfgLibvirt (3 vs. 4)

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 * Package list
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 libvirt.opts_pe2900x1 mADD(vnc monitor) libvirt.optvalue_pe2900x1_vnc mSET(1) libvirt.optvalue_pe2900x1_monitor mSET(pty)
libvirt.nethost_pe2900x1 mADD(vif1 vif2) libvirt.hostmac_pe2900x1_vif1 mSET(12:28:ad:12:1f:4d) libvirt.bridge_pe2900x1_vif1 mSET(br0) libvirt.netmode_pe2900x1_vif1 mSET(bridge) libvirt.hostmac_pe2900x1_vif2 mSET(23:12:cc:af:1s:1f) libvirt.bridge_pe2900x1_vif2 mSET(default) libvirt.netmode_pe2900x1_vif2 mSET(network)

* KVM network sample

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