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HP EliteDesk 800 G4

These models have only been tested with UEFI boot, we do not expect to use legacy boot for this series. The SecureBoot option was disabled along with support for legacy boot.

These models have only been tested with SL7.5, we will not provide any support for older platforms such as SL6.

Small Form Factor

This model is configured using the lcfg/hw/hp_elitedesk800g4.h LCFG header.

  • Video (VGA and displayport, single and dual head) DONE
  • Audio DONE
  • Wired connection DONE
  • PXE install DONE
  • USB - not yet fully tested
  • Suspend/hibernate - not yet tested


This model is configured using the lcfg/hw/hp_elitedesk800g4_mini.h LCFG header. It is assumed that an NVMe disk is installed, that may be disabled by defining the LCFG_OPTIONS_SCSI macro.

  • NVME-based SSD DONE
  • Video (VGA and displayport, single and dual head) DONE
  • Audio DONE
  • Wired connection DONE (but see note 2 below)
  • Wireless - not tested
  • PXE install DONE
  • USB DONE (but see note 1 below)
  • Suspend/hibernate - not tested

I encountered a few issues:

1. USB-C for powered devices appears to NOT work with SL7.5. I've tried it with a device which works when plugged into an HP G3 SFF. Simple devices, such as a pen drive, work fine. Anecdotal evidence suggests the inability to charge certain devices is common across all OS including Windows so must be a hardware limitation.

2. For SL7 we need to disable SecureBoot in the BIOS. When I first tried to do this I could not get the change to successfully apply. In fact, I couldn't get any change to apply, even something simple like disabling fastboot. I updated to the latest version of the BIOS - Q21 02.02.04 - after that it all worked fine.

3. With SL7.4 DHCP requests do not succeed. This appears to be related to a bug in the driver for the Intel I219-LM network card (specifically revision 7) in the e1000e Linux driver which is fixed in the kernel provided in SL7.5. To successfully install the machine I had to update our installer to use the latest available kernel.

-- squinney - 2018-11-20

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