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META TOPICPARENT name="NetworkComponent"

Consistent Network Interface Naming

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Dell PowerEdge R330 emX eno1 / eno2 enp4s0f0 / enp4s0f1 2.8
Dell PowerEdge R420 emX eno1 / eno2 enp2s0f0 / enp2s0f1 2.7
Dell PowerEdge R430 emX enoX enp2s0fY 2.8
Dell PowerEdge R510 emX enoX enp1s0f0 / enp1s0f1 2.6
Dell PowerEdge R520 emX enoX enp2s0fY 2.7
Dell PowerEdge R710 emX enoX enp1s0fY / enp2s0fY 2.6
HP DL180 G6 emX   enp8s0fY 2.6
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