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Testing the new v4 client

1. Collect all the XML profiles on the lcfg server

cd /var/lcfg/conf/server/web
tar zcf /tmp/lcfg-profiles.tar.gz profiles

2. Process XML profiles with v3 client

Install perl-LCFG-Client-testsuite package

tar zxf lcfg-profiles.tar.gz
/usr/lib/lcfg/client/utilities/run_rdxprof.pl -p profiles -r v3

(For safety do it as your normal user)

3. Process XML profiles with v4 client

On an unimportant machine modify the profile to include the v4 client:

#include <lcfg/options/lcfg-client-testing.h>

tar zxf lcfg-profiles.tar.gz
/usr/lib/lcfg/client/utilities/run_rdxprof.pl -p profiles -r v4

(For safety do it as your normal user)

4. Compare output

/usr/lib/lcfg/client/utilities/compare_db.pl v3/dbm v4/dbm
/usr/lib/lcfg/client/utilities/compare_rpmcfg.pl v3/rpmcfg v4/rpmcfg

It's important that the results directory for the v3 client is specified first on the command line for each utility.

-- squinney - 2017-11-02

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