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LCFG Annual Review 2018

On Thursday 6th December 2018 instead of our normal monthly Deployers Meeting we will be holding our traditional Annual Review session. This will start at 2pm and we aim to be finished by 5pm. This year it will be held in room 7.14 of the Appleton Tower. Refreshments will be provided including some seasonal treats.

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IS ITI Enterprise Services
We are continuing to bring exciting new services managed by LCFG - all our mail relays, eddir/smsdir servers, maildata server, MariaDB Galera cluster for EASE and soon ... Sympa mailing lists and half of Staffmail. Still waiting for our Puppet efforts to bring similar levels of value as LCFG.
All our servers (and team's desktops) are built with a single root XFS partition. This has been fine on servers, but desktops sometimes don't boot due to something preventing the filesystem cleanly.
We really would like to see more bug reports! We all know about various bugs (whether trivial or important) or have features we would like to see. It would be very helpful if we could get these recorded. We can't promise they will get fixed but just having them in https://bugs.lcfg.org/ would be a great start. I propose that to make them more useful and improve response times at each monthly meeting we review all newly submitted bugs from the previous month.

-- squinney - 2018-10-31

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