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LCFG Annual Review 2016

On Thursday 1st December 2016 instead of our normal monthly Deployers Meeting we will be holding our traditional Annual Review session. This will start at 2pm and we aim to be finished by 5pm. It will be held in room 1.07 of the George Square Library (note that this is NOT the usual room).

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  Given the huge effort required to upgrade all of our servers we might focus on desktops for this release.

IS Report


There will be no further releases of the LCFG packages for Apple macOS. The last supported release was for OS X 10.11 which will be maintained until at least summer 2017.

IS has moved a member of staff into Desktop Services to run a new service based on JAMF Casper.

ITI Enterprise Services

Over the last year our focus has continued to shift from desktops to servers, with a growing number of our infrastructure servers managed by LCFG

  • Central Authorisation LDAP
  • Shibboleth IdPs
  • Devolved LCFG
  • IS Jabber
  • Internal Mail Relays
  • EdUni Certificate Authority

and with plans for more this academic year

  • EASE and Staffmail Databases
  • DNS
  • External and Bulk Mail Relays
  • Sympa Mailing Lists

Some of these servers are supporting services that are managed outside of LCFG but take advantage of the managed platform it provides.

Although IS have chosen Puppet for its preferred configuration management technology, the conversion of existing services to the mature, full featured and supported LCFG platform captures and codifies our local patches and configurations ready for reimplementation if required.

Linux desktop package requests are now processed the same as those for MS Windows and Apple macOS. However, there is no new effort in IS to perform the actual packaging and so continues to be a limited service.


School Linux Macs
ace 19 198
biolsci 54 165
epcc 68 0
geos 155 72
isfm 0 75
isd 31 1102
isg 64 1
maths 142 9
phys 424 0
see 349 0

OS Count
sl 1309
sl6 518
sl66 374
sl68 144
sl7 790

OS Count
osx 1655
osx6 4
osx7 60
osx8 96
osx9 110
osx10 931
osx11 453

We now have 18002 RPMs in our devolved repositories and 821 package recipes.


Upcoming Developments

  • LCFG client v4
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  • Future platform support
  • Support for the latest hardware, UEFI
  • Dell System Update - interaction with updaterpms? Local mirror?
  • Multistage components - Use systemd to call different methods before and after the third party service is started, e.g. cups, mariadb
  • What small improvements would you love to see?

-- Main.squinney - 2016-10-07

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