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LCFG Annual Review 2016

On Thursday 1st December 2016 instead of our normal monthly Deployers Meeting we will be holding our traditional Annual Review session. This will start at 2pm and we aim to be finished by 5pm. It will be held in room 1.07 of the George Square Library (note that this is NOT the usual room).

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  • What small improvements would you love to see?
  • Macros documented in man pages

fstab v network component

Would it actually be better to prioritise a rewrite of the fstab component rather than the network component?

There is a need for proper support for LVM and also we would like full disk encryption. There are also more bugs filed against fstab than then network component. Several people noted that they would like to have a way of forcing the component to overwrite the /etc/fstab file when resources change.

Alastair noted that the network component needs a test suite adding first so that we can ensure that any rewritten version generates correct configurations. That should be easy enough since it's only generating text files.

SL6 timescales

Informatics is aiming to be finished with SL6 by Easter. For other schools it might be the summer, not everyone has started scheduling their upgrades yet. Informatics will support SL6 as long as it doesn't require too much work. Support is likely to disappear when we get to a point of having no way to test the weekly release on SL6 machines, particularly if a huge backported set of security updates were to suddenly appear.

Package List tools

As not all package providers have rsync support we would like to add support for mirroring package repositories over http using wget or reposync.

Kenny noted that sometimes packages have invalid RPM filenames which do not conform to the name-version-release.arch.rpm format. Stephen said that we could add a tool which generates a hardlink with the correct filename based on the values in the RPM header.

Small Improvements

  • openssh component bug - [[https://bugs.lcfg.org/show_bug.cgi?id=930][Test sshd config validity]
  • Would be nice if the server logfile showed the full path for the changed files.
  • Add docs to lcfg-systemd man page for standard macros.
  • Add an lcfg-profile man page which includes details of the mutator macros.
  • Better docs for lcfg-ngeneric and lcfg-om
  • Can lcfg-authorize support unix groups as well as netgroups?
  • Add support for cgroups to provide greater control than can be achieved through pam_limits
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